What is Underground Service Line Coverage?

July 18, 2018

Most of us have them, we just don’t think about them. Sewer pipes, water lines, phone lines, underground cable lines, naturals gas lines-these are examples of underground service lines. Basically, if it is under the ground, provides a service to your home, then you have them. These are the reason we have the “call before you dig” warnings we get from many of our utility companies. The last thing you would want is to be digging a hole for a beautiful privacy fence you just spent $1000 on and you accidentally strike a water line, causing a gusher in your front yard! Although this would be an obvious negligence, what about things that happen under the ground that you don’t see?

The earth does shift and move-even without earthquake activity. We’ve all seen it, just many do not realize it as it is slower than a snails pace. But, with freezing, thawing, dry spells, cracked earth with a sudden rain that swells the ground, it is unavoidable. What happens when that shifting of the earth puts pressure on a pipe running through the ground? It forces a kink in the pipe that becomes a weak area. After shifting some more and from the pressure of the water or gas in the line, it causes a hole. Can you recall driving down the road on a warm, dry day after a few days of freezing weather and seeing water streaming down the side of the road? You just possibly witnessed a broken water line. Also, what many of us do not realize is that there are corrosive elements in the soil which can degrade a service line over time.

“The reality is that as a homeowner, exterior underground service and utility lines on your property are often your responsibility–and breaks in a line or accidents during digging can happen. If you need to repair or replace physically damaged lines or pipes, the cost can be substantial.” (credit Erie Insurance Blog) In some localities, such as Alexandria Kentucky, the city even sends a quarterly reminder to the homeowner’s letting them know that the city is not responsible for the water line from the meter to their house. This can be a tremendous expense! Especially if you will need to tear out a portion of your sidewalk to repair the leak!

The good news is, you can get coverage on this. What is even better, is that we can offer that coverage to you with an Erie Secure Home Policy*. You may have requested this coverage before with another insurance carrier only to find out that they don’t offer it and referred you to a home warranty company. Although that is an option, wouldn’t it be easier to bundle everything together in one place? In addition, your properly endorsed Erie Secure Home Policy will cover the cost of replacing a sidewalk or landscaping in the event of a broken service line under said landscaping or sidewalk, up to the policy limits.

This coverage is available to you, and typically at less cost than what a warranty company would charge. If you would like further information regarding this coverage, give us a call!


*not available in all states


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