Here is what some of our clients say about Jami Anna Insurance Services:

“I think what impressed me the most about Jami Anna Insurance is their quick responses and the true personal touch that they offer while dealing with complex situations. I am just sorry I didn’t move my insurance to their company sooner. Having someone really interested in you and your family in this day and age is super valuable and hard to find. I would highly recommend anyone not happy with the relationship they have with their current insurance provider (if they have a relationship at all) to reach out to Jeff and Jami. They will be glad they did, we are!”
“When I moved to Northern Kentucky I made calls to many agents trying to find the best price AND someone that I felt like I could trust. Jami Anna had the most competitive price and I feel like I found someone who would help me. We have had a few claims to file and Jami has been willing to help. She even brought fans from her own home when my basement flooded. Highly recommend!”

Andrew Myatt
Local Guide · 19 reviews

“Jami had contacted me about getting a review a while back and just never got around to doing it. Jeff then sent me a message and I had planned on getting it done. Life got busy and again didn’t get around to it in a timely manner. Got my premium renewal and found out just car alone was going up about 15% for no reason so at that point I made it a priority. Jeff ended up saving us over $1400 a year between can and home. Long story short, give them a shout and save some money!!!”

John Farrar
6 reviews

“Great customer service, and it really matters with insurance. I didn’t think it did until I had a claim with my last company. Jami was very responsive, gave me some good advice about coverage and amounts, and now I have better coverage with savings of over $100 a month.”

Jessica Berry
1 review

“Jami is absolutely amazing, insurance buying is usually such a hassle but she made it so simple. I had been with State Farm for years and only talked to my actual agent once . She has great customer service. We had talked before I came in the office she explained the different types of coverage and we found what works best for me. She even emailed it to me so I could go over it later . Everything was ready when I walked in her office and all I had to do was put my signature on a few pieces of paper and I was finished! I am so glad I switched. I highly recommend her. Total side note, she gives you a goodie bag with some really good pens.”

Michelle Wilkens
1 review

“Best rates around!! Had been with my previous insurance company for years and hated to leave but they couldn’t even come close to what Jami was able to give me. She saved me hundreds. I would highly recommend you giving her a call to see what she can do for you, see how much she can save you!”

Roger Svoboda
Local Guide · 20 reviews

“I went to Jami Anna after I got a referral from an auto body collision shop where my auto had been serviced after a wreck. I had been looking around for a new agent for home, auto and RV for about a year. I was dis-satisfied with my current carrier and although I had made a couple of inquiries locally I had not yet made a good connection with any other local agent. I met with Jami Anna three times before agreeing to sign up for Erie Insurance.

Jami’s office was easy to find and had plenty of off-street parking in downtown Ft Thomas. Jami was at ease answering questions and explaining the coverage and various policy options and associated fees within her product line. She helped me make an informed decision about what I needed, rather than what I thought I needed. After a follow up visit at her office and a quick walk-thru of my home at a third meeting we concluded by shaking hands and starting my coverage at the first opportunity I had. Not only do I have a more tailored coverage approach, I am saving money over several other “low-cost” providers. I heartily recommend Jami Anna Insurance Service for your insurance needs.”

Courtney Lenhart
1 review

“Jeff and Jami were so nice and easy to work with. They answered any questions I had about life insurance and renters insurance. Made me feel very comfortable coming to people who I know and trust.”

Traci Haigis
1 review
4 months ago-*

“Jami has made the transition of our insurance very easy. She took the time to review all our policies and answer all of our questions. She guided us through to make sure we had no gaps in coverage or our escrow accounts. I would recommend Jami Anna Insurance to anyone!”

Katie Winkler
2 reviews

“Jami and Jeff not only saved me a lot of money in premiums, but the whole process of switching was pleasant and easy. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Christie Wolfe
6 reviews · 2 photos

“We recently changed all of insurance over to Jami. We did this and saved almost $1000.00 per year. (3 vehicles and our home)Jami was professional and personable. We couldn’t be happier with her service! Thank you so much Jami!”

Deron Jump
1 review

“Outstanding customer service-goes above and beyond to help all. Deeply cares about her clients and their family!”

Dolores Oldendick
1 review

“Jami gave us excellent service. She came to our home and after going over all our policies was able to give us a final quote in record time. A big plus she saved us money.. Her quote was lower than the insurance Company we have been with for over 40 years. We are very pleased with Erie Insurance and with our new agent.”

Bobbie Oldendick
1 review

“Absolutely painless process!!!! No one ever wants to go through a hassle of getting new insurance, but I must say this was great. Even with all the changes I made prior to switching, and shortly after switching to Erie! Jami Anna conducted herself in a very professional manner, with top notch customer service. Along with the fact that she saved us over $1500 a YEAR!!!! Also with better coverage than I had previously. I was happy with our prior insurance but when I saw what Erie had to offer the answer was easy. Thank you so much for making this completely painless!!! I will be referring everyone I can!!!”

Amy Latham
1 review

“Good savings, better insurance. You just cannot beat that.”

Julia Woods
4 reviews

“Thoroughly impressed with the service I received by Jami Anna as a new client. Not only did she make me feel like a valued customer, she saved me money! I have been recommending her to all of my friends and family. It’s a no brainer … great service and better coverage for less money!”

Christopher Caudill
1 review

“Jami Anna was very informative and knowledgeable about her job. She always the time to answer my questions and got me a better quote for insurance versus what I was paying with my previous provider. Very professional and easy to work with.”

Krissi Peters
2 reviews

“Jami took the time to explain the policies to us and worked hard to provide us the best possible rates for our many policies! We had a “New Driver” and our previous insurance carrier wanted to charge $3600/year for our young driver. Thanks to Jami we are paying $1000/year for him! Thank you so much for working hard for us Jami! I will definitely be referring you to my clients and friends! Actually already have referred you to a few.”

Mike Franzen
1 review

“Jami Anna is one of the nicest, most professional insurance agents I have ever met. I got better coverage for less money than I had the with the company I’ve been with for 20 years. I highly recommend giving her a call to see what she can do for you.”

Andrew Zimmer
1 review

“Jami was very professional and great to work with. I truly felt that she had my best interest at heart. This was my first time buying a home so she went above and beyond to walk me through the whole process and take care of any questions along the way. I would recommend her to anyone and would happily do business again.”

Eric Hanson
1 review

“We incurred storm damage that warranted a roof replacement in the past year and even though we were a fairly new customer, we felt that we were treated fairly and swiftly to make us whole again. We are very satisfied with the service that we receive and would recommend it to our friends and neighbors.”

“Jeff was absolutely great on getting us our renters insurance policy. He was fast and didn’t waste time. Also got us a great rate and very low monthly payment. I would suggest to contact him on any if you’re insurance needs!!!!”

“Jami is an incredible insurance agent! She answered all of our questions and helped us through choosing the right insurance for our family. She was extremely patient as we worked to determine all of our home, auto, and life insurance needs. We are glad to have her as our agent and know she will be a great asset to have if we ever need to file a claim.”

“Glad we made the switch to Jami Anna Insurance! Jami was great to work with, honest, up front, and professional. Saved us money and got us some additional coverage specific to our needs. Strongly recommended!”
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