What is Underground Service Line Coverage?

Most of us have them, we just don’t think about them. Sewer pipes, water lines, phone lines, underground cable lines, naturals gas lines-these are examples of underground service lines. Basically, if it is under the ground, provides a service to your home, then you have them. These are the reason we have the “call before […]


A Different Type of Agent Relationship

Many of you may have seen Jami Anna Insurance’s Facebook posts.  We often advertise that we offer a different type of agent relationship.  You may wonder what that truly means.  What I would like to offer is some clarity to how we operate. We are believers in the Golden Rule-Do unto others as you would […]


Teenagers and Driving

So parents, you have a child about to turn 16 and Lord knows you’re not looking forward to it! Not only are you worried about the hours you have to spend with them in the family car, driving around town, teaching them to parallel park, and learning how to avoid accidents, but you also are […]

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