As a family-owned business, we personally understand the importance of finding an agent you trust. We combine our previous experiences in the automotive and construction industries with our comprehensive understanding of today’s insurance world to offer you home, life, auto, and business insurance policies. ● Home: Your home is often your biggest asset, and we […]


To Claim or not to Claim?

To claim or not to claim-that is the question! (credit Jami Anna, not William Shakespeare)  Should I file a claim on my roof since I just found a few shingles in my yard?  Should I call the 24-hour claim line?  How will this affect my insurance?  So many questions, so little time!  It is reasons […]


Don’t Let Frozen Pipes Ruin Your Day!

  Winter is finally coming to NKY!  With this in mind, is your home prepared for the colder temperatures? We often consider it wouldn’t happen to us.  Maybe you think your house is too new, has too many updates or is adequately insulated.  Truth is a frozen or burst water pipe can happen to anyone […]


Small Business in your Home?

I have to admit, I love woodworking.  I love how relaxing and challenging it can be taking something that looks plain and turning it into something cute or beautiful.  It becomes an obsession with me this time of year as I am confined more to the indoors.  I tend to give away the majority of […]


Homeowners Coverage Do’s and Dont’s

Replacement cost, actual cash value, covered perils, ordinance coverage, what does this all mean?  Homeowner’s insurance can be daunting and confusing.  Some insurance companies have coverage that the average homeowner wasn’t even aware was a thing!  The average homeowner may also be shocked to find out that they have limited coverage, typically $2500, for one […]


Flood Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

Photo courtesy http://blue-mud.net/phsFloodRecedes.html As residents in North Carolina and South Carolina are reveling in the wake of Hurricane Florence, the waters are still rising in certain areas even after the rains have stopped.  I was listening to the radio this morning and a caller from South Carolina was being interviewed.  His home town was protected by […]


Trees-Who’s Responsible

Within the past few years, the Greater Cincinnati/NKY region has been struck by the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer.  This little bug has caused thousands of Ash trees untimely demise with it’s voracious appetite, literally sucking the life out of the beautiful trees that proudly adorned landscapes all across our area.  If you have one of […]


Jewelry Coverage-How does it work?

Maybe you’re a collector of relics. Maybe you received a piece of heirloom jewelry that has been passed down from generations. Or, maybe you got way more than what you expected with a huge rock from your fiance or husband. Whatever the case may be, you want to protect it. But, what you may not […]


What is Underground Service Line Coverage?

Most of us have them, we just don’t think about them. Sewer pipes, water lines, phone lines, underground cable lines, naturals gas lines-these are examples of underground service lines. Basically, if it is under the ground, provides a service to your home, then you have them. These are the reason we have the “call before […]


A Different Type of Agent Relationship

Many of you may have seen Jami Anna Insurance’s Facebook posts.  We often advertise that we offer a different type of agent relationship.  You may wonder what that truly means.  What I would like to offer is some clarity to how we operate. We are believers in the Golden Rule-Do unto others as you would […]

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