• Our Mission


    To do unto others as we would have them do unto us. To be active members of the community to which we serve. To strive towards a better life, by giving back to the community and helping others grow.

  • Our Vision


    As a Christian-based company, we strive to make our clients feel like family. We believe, through our faith, that we can help every client custom-tailor a plan that is budget-friendly and comprehensive. We strive to do what is best for our clients’ needs.

Our Experience

Our family business operates with your family’s best interests in mind. Established in 2016, Jami Anna Insurance has partnered with Erie Insurance, Progressive and Hagerty to provide policy options that meet your individual needs. Jami, owner of Jami Anna Insurance, has over six years of experience in the insurance industry. This, combined with 10 years in the automotive industry and 3 years with a wholesale construction supplier, gives her a true insider perspective. With this experience, Jami Anna Insurance is able to give you a better understanding of your home and vehicle coverage.

Jami’s combination of professional history means she can answer your questions honestly about the value of your home, car, and other personal assets. Our credibility as a trustworthy agency is important, and we’re committed to doing what’s best for you!

Jami Anna Insurance offers insurance policies from various companies to find the right policy for your specific needs.

We’re proud to partner with great insurance providers, including Erie Insurance. In addition to offering great insurance options, Erie is committed to exceptional service, which supports our own core values. In fact, Erie Insurance is based around the Golden Rule, just like Jami Anna Insurance. You can read more about their culture of service here.

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